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GMF’s “Brussels Forum”

The German Marshall Fund’s “Brussels Forum” will take place virtually from June 14 – 18, 2021.

“Transatlantic cooperation is a vital force on the global stage—but the coronavirus is only the latest crisis to strain the alliance between the United States and Europe. For 15 years, Brussels Forum has been the preeminent forum for generating ideas and alignment across the Atlantic. While the global health crisis makes it impossible to convene in person, it is more important than ever for the conversation to continue. 

GMF will host a series of virtual discussions over the course of June. Beginning on June 2 and then virtually convening several times a week, GMD will address the most pressing issues on the transatlantic agenda including responses to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, how our economies will fare in the aftermath, and the long-term geopolitical implications, among other topics.”

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