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Round up of Antwerp America foundations’ event with U.S. ambassador Michael Adler

6 October | 18.30 PM @ Voka – Chamber of Commerce Antwerpen-Waasland.

In a full auditorium of American and Belgian students and entrepreneurs, Antwerp America Foundation welcomed the new American ambassador to Belgium, Mr Michael M. Adler on October 6th.

Mr Adler gave a passionate speech about the broad spectrum of opportunities in Belgian-American relations. He then moved on to the global energy crisis and soaring inflation that keep the western countries under their spell. But the crux of his keynote talk was the value of our democracies: he touched on the rise of far-right parties in Europe and the importance of the mid-term elections in the United States in November.
During his lively intervention, he addressed the students present in the room: “It is important for young people to exercise their democratic rights in these uncertain times,” he said. “The situation on Europe’s eastern borders proves once again the importance of nurturing and protecting our democracies.”

Afterwards, the American ambassador answered questions from the audience and interacted with young and old. Many youngsters asked him if they could take a picture with him, which he did.

The events of AAF are free.

U.S. ambassador Michael Adler

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